Why I Joined Q Bio: Tom Paoletti, Staff Software Engineer in Radiomics

I was looking for challenges as deep and interesting as the ones I had at Tesla, and finally found them here at Q Bio.

My journey in the technical field starts across the Atlantic, in Italy. Early in my career I designed boards and developed tightly integrated software, and moved on to larger and more complex systems in Silicon Valley, culminating in work on the largest battery in the world, fleets of hundreds of thousands of IoT devices and special projects on the Model 3 and Superchargers.

All these experiences gave me an appreciation for the magic required to make such products a reality, so I had quite a list of ideal requirements when I started looking for my next challenge:

  • An extremely collaborative team
  • With an inspiring mission
  • Focused on deep innovation and tackling big technical challenges
  • Not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • And at the same time, very pragmatic (for example, adopting technologies that help move the mission forward, not just for the sake of deploying new, cool technology).

Team and mission

When I met the team at Q Bio, I was impressed right away: a super-diverse group of extremely talented scientists and engineers, and a company that met all my ideal requirements (to top it off, I’ve since discovered that the team is extremely fun to be around).

In addition, the company’s mission became crystal clear to me after talking with Jeff Kaditz, Q Bio’s CEO and Founder, and that sealed the deal.

My work here

Here at Q Bio, as part of the Radiomics team, I design and develop systems that span the entire pipeline, from a Magnetic Resonance scanner all the way to Q Bio’s cloud services that support our members. I write software, help select hardware and think hard about streamlining our systems.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to be involved with MR scanners, an amazing feat of technological innovation (how often do you get the chance of operating a $1M machine?) and a greenfield opportunity to define the systems that will enable more and more advanced experiences for members.

I know I do my best work when the company’s mission is fully aligned with my personal values, and when my young son asks me “Dad, what are you working on?“, I’m happy to have an answer I’m proud of. At Tesla, we were accelerating the use of renewable energies to solve a big challenge of this century. At Q Bio it is about ushering in a new era of better health through innovative ways of measuring the most important changes in the body, and this, for personal reasons, resonates even more for me.

We have a phenomenal team and are tackling an incredibly important challenge.

If this resonates with you, we are hiring. Check us out and join us in this very special journey.