Our Q Bio Values

Every start-up goes through many twists and turns in growing and building a new business from the ground up. Throughout, our underlying core values help steer us even if we don’t have an exact map for the mountain we are trying to scale. As a small company, we wanted to have a starting document with values that feel organic to us and reflect the company at this time. We believe these are values that will grow with us as we grow. 

Our values are different from our company expectations on how we work. There have been many articles written about the difference in values, mission, vision, working expectations and principles, or even purpose (yes, it can feel like business terminology soup!).  

As a quick refresh: 

  • Our mission is to empower people with a deeper understanding of their body and how it’s changing, so they have more control over their health. 
  • Our long-term vision is that when preventive health is available to everyone, treatable diseases will no longer take lives.

We hope to share more of our working expectations and principles in later blog posts, but today we wanted to share our starting core values here at Q Bio.


We are on a mission that can help redefine preventive healthcare. Many companies talk about the importance of being mission-driven. It’s all the more important to us given our mission is incredibly long-term and we often won’t have the answers on this long journey. Our goals as a team are bigger than any of us and we can (literally!) change lives. We will always be forward-looking and put our mission first.


What we are building requires people with skills and backgrounds in a wide variety of fields with different professional experiences, from different walks of life. If we want to fully leverage this diversity, we need cross-pollination of ideas, open discussion, and sharing of knowledge. We enjoy and approach one another with compassion, kindness, awareness of diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, and with an expectation of greatness. 


We earn the trust of our members, our partners, and our teammates every day. This means we listen, speak, and treat each other and our members and partners with respect. Even more so when conversations are hard or awkward. We actively seek to earn trust.

Please help us hold true to these early Q core values. We hope to have a chance to share our values in action!