Why I Joined Q Bio: Jyotindra Vasudeo, VP Software Engineering

Jyotindra Vasudeo in Golden Gate Park

I’ve been thinking a lot about tangible impact at this point in my career, and the energy that comes from building a product with a bold vision. Since the early days of my career, I have been drawn to joining innovative start-ups because of the excitement of being on a dynamic, inter-disciplinary, and agile team, and the ability to make smart and fast decisions in order to turn a powerful vision into reality.

As we approach the one year mark of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has fundamentally changed our country’s ability to make medical resources more accessible, I am very committed to making quality healthcare more equitable.

I also have a very personal reason to fight for improving preventive healthcare for everyone. Several years ago, my mother’s life was saved by an incidental blood test, which led to an early stage leukemia diagnosis, and successful treatment. She was diagnosed quickly, but the testing that led to it was intended to investigate a simple fever. My mother was lucky. Most people are diagnosed too late.

Preventive Health is Primary

Since then, I have wondered why preventive healthcare continues to be inaccessible to so many. In my mother’s case, early detection was what really saved her life. It makes me wonder how many more people can benefit from life saving technology. I’ve made it my personal goal to focus my efforts toward making preventive healthcare affordable and accessible.

For these and so many other reasons, I’m thrilled to announce I’ve joined Q Bio as VP of Software Engineering. I am taking the knowledge I’ve gained from my wonderful experiences at Twitch and Amazon and hoping to apply them as I shift gears to focus on building the tools needed to enable the quality care of the future, now. I couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to learn from this capable and exciting team, and to make accessible, proactive, and more affordable preventive medicine a reality for everyone.