Gemini v1 Announcement

In March we announced the Gemini Beta – the first comprehensive clinical digital twin platform. Gemini is designed to ingest any type of information about the human body – including genetics, biochemistry, imaging, quantitative anatomy, vitals, symptoms, medical, family & social history – structure it, intelligently summarize it and make it searchable. Gemini is nowContinue reading “Gemini v1 Announcement”

Gemini Beta Announcement

We shared our vision with you at the end of September and promised that our new interactive Platform – Gemini – would be available in Q1 of this year. That day has finally come! This week we will be rolling out the Gemini Beta Dashboard.  Gemini is the First HIPAA Compliant Comprehensive Clinical Digital Twin.Continue reading “Gemini Beta Announcement”

Why I Joined Q Bio: Robbie Ostrow, Head of Platform

I’ll admit that I was dubious when Q Bio first contacted me. Healthcare companies promising to change the world are ubiquitous, but rarely do I find one with a convincing story about how they will.  On the other hand, I was intrigued. I like to direct my energy toward hard problems and big bets thatContinue reading “Why I Joined Q Bio: Robbie Ostrow, Head of Platform”

Major Q Exam Update

Dear Q Bionauts, I wanted to thank all of you for being early adopters and share a little about what we have been up to for the past five years and what our larger ambitions look like. I realize from the outside looking in that what we are doing looks mostly like an executive physicalContinue reading “Major Q Exam Update”

Why I Joined Q Bio: Sen Ma, Image Reconstruction Engineer

An interdisciplinary field of mathematics, physics, and medicine, MRI just seems to be perfectly made for me. On one hand, MRI attracts me because there are subfields where I could do research in maths, but on the other hand, I always wanted to make a difference in healthcare and I consider MRI the top levelContinue reading “Why I Joined Q Bio: Sen Ma, Image Reconstruction Engineer”

RBL1 Podcast: The Inspiration for a “Star Trek” Physical for Everyone

Q Bio CEO and Founder, Jeff Kaditz joined podcast host and Rebel One Ventures Founding Partner, Sergio Marrero, on the RBL1 Live podcast in July 2021, in which he discusses the inspiration behind Q Bio — a “Star Trek” executive physical that provides everyone a clinical, whole-body Digital Twin — and how it can helpContinue reading “RBL1 Podcast: The Inspiration for a “Star Trek” Physical for Everyone”

A Positive Feedback Loop for Humanity

Creating a world where every generation is healthier than the last and treatable diseases no longer take lives. This post originally was published on Medium on November 1, 2016. This year marks 200 years since French physician René Laennec invented the stethoscope, one of the more recent pieces of technology to be incorporated into theContinue reading “A Positive Feedback Loop for Humanity”